Gas Hot Water Systems

Our Summer Special On

Gas Hot Water Systems

We’re running a Summer Special on the installation of popular Rinnai continuous flow hot water systems for residential customers.

Rinnai continuous flow gas hot water systems are cheaper to run and more efficient than a standard hot water cylinder, but we understand that they are not cheap to install. A changeover can set you back $4000 to $5000. 

To make a new hot water system achievable for you this summer we can install a new system for around $2,500, a saving of over $2000 for new continuous flow hot water. 

“We want to make this exceptional system more affordable and accessible to our clients,” says owner Josh Higgins. 

Book in your assessment for a new Rinnai continuous flow gas hot water system today. The first step is we visit to assess your current gas system, and check that it is compliant and operating well. 

From there we recommend if any work needs to be done prior to installation. If additional work needs to be done to prepare your system for install, this cost will be additional to the Summer Special.  

You could have a new instant hot water system within a couple of weeks! If your current gas system compliant and is ready to go installation will take one to two weeks from your inquiry.

Contact us today to take advantage of our Rinnai continuous flow gas hot water system Summer Special. 

Are you ready to get your Summer Special?


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